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Highlanders players to be sanctioned for antisocial behaviour

Seven Highlanders players will be sanctioned by the club for antisocial behaviour during a party at an apartment in Queenstown over the weekend. 

Members of the Highlanders squad took advantage of a Super Rugby Aotearoa bye week by booking a weekend at the Glebe Apartments. 

There were multiple complaints about the noise coming from the property, where a small group of people who the players had met earlier on Friday evening were also present. 

Police were called and a man was arrested before being charged with wilful damage and disorderly behaviour. 

The Highlanders on Monday released a statement confirming no players are facing police action, while the club has apologised to the general manager of Glebe Apartments. 

Highlanders CEO Roger Clark said: “From our investigation, we can confirm that no damage at the apartments was caused by any Highlanders player. We can also confirm that no Highlanders player is facing any action from the police. 

“Having said that, we’re extremely disappointed that some of our players’ antisocial behaviour forced guests to endure a disturbed night. As a club we apologise unreservedly to those guests involved. 

“For the Glebe management and police to be called demonstrates a clear lack of respect for others and this is well below the standards we expect from our players whether assembled as a team or enjoying downtime together. 

“Our messaging to the players is very clear: you are always a Highlander and as such we expect good behaviour at all times. 

“Now that the matter has been investigated the players involved will be sanctioned by the club and the entire team will be reminded of their responsibilities around behaviour.” News wire is powered by opta

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