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Ink-redible! Gloucester to cover tattoo costs after logo change

After revealing a new club logo, Gloucester have offered to cover the cost for any supporter who wishes to update their tattoo accordingly.

The Premiership outfit, who have recently announced the marquee signings of Jaco Kriel and Danny Cipriani for the 2018-19 season, showed off a new look on Tuesday.

Passionate fans who opted to have the previous club logo inked onto their body may have been disappointed by the news, but Gloucester had a novel idea.

A statement on the club’s official Twitter account on Wednesday read: “If anybody who has the previous Gloucester Rugby logo as a tattoo (2007 – 2018) and wants to have a tattoo of the new logo then the club will cover the cost of this.

“Get in touch with the club before the start of the new season, via email to [email protected] to arrange and find out more details.”

Good news for a select number of fans … not to mention Gloucester’s tattoo parlours! News wire is powered by opta

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