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MoneyMan’s year continues steadily with 4/4

Making money from betting doesn’t mean making more and more bets at greater and greater odds. Sometimes it means picking a few that you’re confident in, and sticking with just those, writes the The MoneyMan.

I only put down four bets this weekend, a quiet one, all things considered. I also saw a return on all four bets, so equally a successful weekend, all things considered.

Leading up to Round 3 of Super Rugby, I really didn’t feel that there was that much value on offer. As I’ve also said, in conversation with the MoneyBoy, I’m always cautious of placing bets in the first few rounds of the competition as there is not much of a comparative form guide to study. So on a weekend with seven Super Rugby games, there were only two I deiced to wager on.

To me, the Stormers were never going to lose to the Lions, but a few injuries and the fact that they were traveling up to Joburg, meant I steered clear of the handicap and instead won back a comfortable R1320 on my R2000. I told MoneyBoy earlier in the week that I was firmly off the fence when it came to the Jaguares and the Reds, and R2000 on the Argentinians to win by more than 12 points saw a profit of 1800.

I’ve remained vocal in my learning of soccer, one of the newer sports that I’ve added to my betting slips, and so I’m coming away from the weekend smiling with an R800 return on my R1000 that Tottenham and Astin Villa would combine for 11 or more corners (finishing with 15). Again, the satisfaction is not always the size of the payout, but the confirmation that the right homework was done for the bet.

My last bet of the weekend was an unusual one for me in that I very seldom make bets that return only 40% on investment. But there is always an exception to every rule and I felt Pittsburgh vs Detroit was that exception. To say Detroit are bad would be an insult to a bad hockey team. They are awful; with two wins out of their last 15 games before this game, having performed worse than that on the road which is where they played against a very good Pittsburgh Penguins team. It was my highest bet of the weekend, with R3000 down on Pittsburgh to blow out Detroit and win back R4200. 5-1 was the final score to Pittsburgh.

A lesson, even for me, in value over quantity this past weekend. I’ve been guilty before of chasing bets and wagering on more than I should. The temptation is there. But weekend’s like this are always a reminder of the value of discipline and homework when it comes to sports betting.

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