#SA2023 RWC Video – Where rugby is No 1

#SA2023 is in full swing, with South Africa the frontrunners to win the right to host the 2023 event.  

Three independent companies have assessed the technical and commercial strength of South Africa, Ireland and France’s Rugby World Cup bid and in this week will make a recommendation to World Rugby.

The recommendation will be made public on October 31, but that doesn’t guarantee the right to host. World Rugby’s General Council will vote on November 20.

South Africa’s bid leadership has been vocal that it is Africa’s time again, with rugby so much more than a game in South Africa, and it was such a uniting factor in 1995. coverage on the #SouthAfrica2023 RWC Bid 

Watch the video and tell us you aren’t a little bit excited. Imagine winning the sport’s greatest prize on home soil again.


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