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South Africa’s RWC 2023 bid unpacked

South Africa’s 2023 Rugby World Cup bid has been condensed into a gloss online magazine offering for your perusal.

The 80 page reader-friendly summary of the 800-page bid book breaks down the RWC2023 Bid Scorecard and details exactly why South Africa believes it is best positioned to host the Rugby World Cup.

France and Ireland are also bidding to host 2023.

South Africa’s bid leadership states that the bid speaks emphatically to World Rugby’s scorecard and adds that South Africa’s bid is technically excellent and commercially compelling. The leaderships says the tournament will make a record profit and that South Africa will produce an exceptional tournament in unrivalled facilities … all against a unique background.

The scorecard is make up of the following:

Finance, commercial and commitments: 35%

Venues and host cities: 30%

Tournament infrastructure: 20%

Vision and concept: 10%

Tournament, organisation and schedule: 5 %

SouthAfrica2023 RWC Bid Book Magazine 

Three independent companies have over the past three months assessed all three respective bid books, based on the World Rugby scorecard. A recommendation will be made to World Rugby and this will be made public on October 31.

The recommendation does not equal a guarantee and World Rugby’s General Council vote on November 15 will determine the winning country.

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