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Willemse to address SuperSport matter in Equality Court

On Wednesday morning, Aswhin Willemse’s legal team confirmed that they are taking the SuperSport matter up with the Equality Court, after issuing a letter that maintained that the incident was rooted in racism.

The culmination of the racial debate sparked by Aswhin Willemse following his walking off set on Live TV on May 19th has been an investigation and subsequent report on the matter. SuperSport, who conducted the investigation, stated in their independent review that “no suggestions of racism were found.”

According to SuperSport CEO Gideon Khobane, Willemse had opted not to take part in the review because he felt that it was not the right forum for the issue to be discussed. 

Following reporting from Jacaranda FM the forum that Willemse finds appropriate has become apparent as his legal team is set to approach the Equality Court and push for further inquiry into the review.

Willemse’s lawyer, Nqobizitha Mlilo, referred to the review as a “fruitless exercise” adding “We believe the whole incident is rooted in racism. We are at an advanced stage with preparing those documents, and we will be approaching the Equality Court,”


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