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World Rugby supports Test calendar revamp

World Rugby has given their support to the recently proposed idea of a revamped test schedule, which would see an annual competition involving the top 12 rugby Nations.

Provided the plan (proposed by Augustin Pichot) passed a feasibility study, it would, in theory, generate more revenue for the international game.

World Rugby boss Brett Gosper offered his support, saying to Sydney Telegraph, “It just makes sense and it would seem to be the time to do this and there’s a consensus and a desire to try.”

Read about the proposed format of the competition

It was also reported that there would be a second tier competition where weaker teams could fight for promotion to the top 12.

Concerns were raised over the fact that the proposed “League of Nations” tournament would detract from the Rugby World Cup.

Gosper however said “It keeps the Rugby World Cup as the pinnacle event but you’re building towards that over a three-year period.”

He further emphasised the competition’s aim in generating cash.

“Everyone wants to see if the theory leads to higher values and the implications.”



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